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At HyperTrader, we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality trading tools and resources. That’s why we offer our platform completely free of charge.

Additional plugins are offered via our marketplace, which is completely optional.

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What’s available for free?

Whether you are just getting started or you are an experienced trader looking for new ways to navigate the complex world of trading, we have you covered.




TradingView Charts

HyperTrader offers the same high-quality charting, built-in technical indicators, and drawing tools as TradingView through our partnership with them.

Unlimted Indicators

HyperTrader offers over 110 technical indicators, without limit, to help you make informed trades. Upgrade now and take your trading to the next level.

Unlimited Drawing Tools

Customizable drawing tools allow you to tailor chart analysis to your unique needs. We do not limit what drawings or how many you use for the best experience.

Auto Save Chart Layouts

HyperTrader’s auto save feature keeps your chart customizations, indicator customizations, and drawings safe. No more lost work and no more frustrations.

Additional Custom Timeframes

Exchanges may not offer all the timeframes you need, but HyperTrader does. Use a range of timeframes to suit your preferences. Find the perfect one for your charts and style.

Real-time Data Updates

Get access to blazingly fast real-time data updates to keep you informed and ahead in fast-moving markets. You will have the most current market data, for an informed trade.

Smart Orders

Manage risks while you are away by setting multiple take-profits and stop-loss orders. We automatically track markets and remove remaining orders if either TP or SL is hit.

Ladder Orders

Improve your trading with ladder orders. Set multiple targets, take advantage of price movements, scale positions, and manage risk. Understand the risks and limitations.

Visual Trading

Easily drag and drop live orders, update prices, and manage your positions directly from the charts. Streamline your trading process and focus on strategy with Visual Trading.

Real-time Balance Updates

Real-time balance updates on HyperTrader allow you to capture opportunities faster. Other platforms lag, but we keep you informed and ready to trade efficiently.

Real-time Position Updates

Real-time position updates on HyperTrader ensure you never miss profits or close your positions too late. Upgrade for a seamless, profitable experience.

Unlimited API Connections

Track and trade all your accounts from one interface with HyperTrader. No need to switch between multiple platforms or accounts - upgrade your trading experience.

Auto Breakeven Calculator

Ever wondered why you lost a trade despite following your strategy? HyperTrader calculates real-time breakeven prices on charts, including fees and weighted averages.

Auto PnL Calculations

Keep track of your trades and make better trading decisions. We provide real-time PnL updates with every trade, so you are always informed. Say goodbye to losses.

Real-time Trade Analytics

HyperTrader analyzes your trades in real-time and provide you with the correct picture of your account with every trade. Want to know your win rate? No problem.

Unlimited Portfolio Tracking

Managing portfolios can be a hassle. We offer multi portfolio support, allowing you to track all your accounts, as well as the accounts of your friends and family, all in one place.

Track Asset Distribution

Rebalancing portfolios can be a challenge. HyperTrader provides a holistic view of your portfolio, allowing you to see exactly what assets make up each portion.

Export Trade History

Tax season can be a headache, especially when it comes to keeping track of all your trades. We make it easy to export your historical trades to make tax time a breeze.

HyperTrader Marketplace

Check out our marketplace for optional plugins and services to enhance your HyperTrader experience. Find the perfect solution for your needs.


Pro Charts

$9/ mo

Completely optional pro charts gives you additional charting capabilities like extra chart types, split charts, drawing templates and more....



$125 base + $17/ api/ mo

If you are an asset manager with multiple client accounts, Replicator gives you ability to manage those accounts simultaneously....


Smart Order Pro

$9/ mo

Get an edge with our pro order types coming soon. You will be able to use limit chaser, trailing stop, staged orders, icebergs, and more....



Coming Soon

The ultimate tool for maximizing your returns through dollar cost averaging. Don't let market volatility hold you back....


Grid Bot

Coming Soon

With ever trading crypto markets, there never a dull moment. Catch all the market momentum with our Grid bots....


Trade Journal

Coming Soon

Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting out, keeping a record of your trades is an important part of your journey....

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