Change Log

  • 20 January, 2023


    20 January, 2023


    ⚠️ This update is mandatory. For more details, read our announcement.

  • 10 January, 2023


    10 January, 2023

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the issue where add to tab and add to favorite buttons were not showing on top of the chart.
  • 10 January, 2023


    10 January, 2023

    Bug Fixes

    Redoing the build v2.31.2 after the rollback.

    • Fixed an issue with Bybit trade history display where sometimes order type undefined to funding rate settlement.
    • Fixed an issue where timeframe on the chart would change when pairs are clicked on the markets list. We have removed the feature where each pair remembered the last used interval for that pair. Here on, tabs will not remember specific timeframes. When tabs are clicked, current timeframe on the chart will apply.
  • 10 January, 2023


    10 January, 2023

    Bug Fixes

    Rolling back v2.31.2. We will bring the changes mentioned in v2.31.2 in the next version i.e. v2.31.4

  • 9 January, 2023


    9 January, 2023

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue with Bybit trade history display where sometimes order type undefined to funding rate settlement.
    • Fixed an issue where timeframe on the chart would change when pairs are clicked on the markets list. We have removed the feature where each pair remembered the last used interval for that pair. Here on, tabs will not remember specific timeframes. When tabs are clicked, current timeframe on the chart will apply.
  • 7 January, 2023


    7 January, 2023

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue with a position close on Bybit when clicking on the market close button in the positions tab.
  • 6 January, 2023


    6 January, 2023


    Binance Futures Smart Orders

    Smart orders with multiple take-profit levels are now supported for Binance Futures.

    For API security, you can bind your API keys with your local IP but in order to use the smart order feature you will need to remove any IP binding from the API keys. Of course, you can choose continue using the IP binding but in that case smart orders will not be available.

  • 3 January, 2023


    3 January, 2023


    • Unlimited API accounts support for Binance Futures
    • HyperCopy support for Binance Futures
    • Quantity percent slider now available for ladder orders for Derivatives
    • Historical trades for any trading pair in Binance Futures are now available


    • Positions data for Binance Futures updates in real-time
    • Open orders now highlights the position side(long/short) and open/close in hedge mode -TP or SL for Smart Order can now be modified with respect to the current market price after executing the main limit buy order.
    • Ability to configure email notifications for smart orders. To configure notifications, go to Settings > Notifications > Smart Orders Email Notifications.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed quantity percent slider issue with BUSD Perpetual contracts
    • Fixed issue with the max quantity that could be bought or sold while placing the order for Binance Futures
    • Fixed issue with order cost value while placing the order for Binance Futures
    • Fixed issue with HyperCopy stop market orders for Bybit
    • Fixed an issue with HyperCopy for Bybit where the position close for the group of accounts was not working.
    • Fixed the Cancel All issue with open orders
    • Fixed an issue with Bybit HyperCopy trading
    • Fixed an issue with the Take-Profit modification in HyperCopy.
    • Fixed an issue with precision for quantity in Smart Orders for HyperCopy.
    • Fixed an issue with Cancel all open orders in case Smart Orders are involved.
    • Fixed an issue with a USD equivalent balance in smart orders when the preferred quantity currency is in the quote currency.
    • Fixed smart order issue with HyperCopy
    • Fixed an issue where Binance US API keys permissions were not correctly detected.
    • Fixed an issue where price alerts were triggering even after the users disabled an exchange via settings.
  • 27 October, 2022


    27 October, 2022


    HyperCopy support for Bybit Derivatives

    We have good news for you if you are an asset manager and manage multiple accounts on Bybit Derivatives. Starting this update, you can create groups of accounts on Bybit Derivatives and trade them all with one click. All secondary accounts in a HyperCopy group will mimic every action from the primary account.

    Head over to the marketplace to subscribe to HyperCopy.

    HyperCopy + Smart Orders

    Not only can you trade on multiple accounts at the same time, but you also can use smart orders. This is a very big value add as you do not have to set up TP/SL individually for those accounts. This change applies to all support exchanges for HyperCopy.

    HyperCopy is currently supported for Binance Spot, Kraken Spot, Bybit Spot, and Bybit Derivatives. Coming soon for FTX Spot/Derivatives and Binance Futures.


    • For easy visibility, credits are visible under the Manage Subscription button in the marketplace. The subscription menu from the settings is removed. All subscriptions can be managed directly from the marketplace.
    • Preference to enable the cancel button on the open order panel will now be preserved.
    • Preference to not show the warning message repeatedly while dragging a limit buy order above market price or limit sell order below the market price.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where Binance US open orders were not displayed on the charts in some edge cases.
    • Fixed an issue for Bybit spot where 24hr change% was incorrect.
    • Fixed an issue for Bybit spot where trade history was not completely fetched.
    • Fixed an issue where the base asset name on the break-even indicator was sometimes wrong in a multi-chart setup.
    • Fixed an issue where clicking on the Daily PnL table row would lead to the trade history of the previous day.
    • Fixed an issue where Binance spot trade history was not completely fetched when there were too many trades in a short period.
    • Fixed order book flicker issue for FTX Derivatives.
  • 20 October, 2022


    20 October, 2022


    Smart Orders for Bybit Derivatives

    You can now place smart trades on Bybit Derivatives. While placing a limit on long or short orders, you can now choose your stop loss and take profit. You can choose multiple take-profit levels and distribute your position sizes.


    • Added a reduce-only option for USDT perpetual one-way position mode for limit and market orders in Bybit Derivatives.
    • Added a reduce-only option for Inverse perpetual market orders in Bybit Derivatives.
    • Added Close-on-trigger option for Bybit Derivatives stop orders.
    • Add the missing Time field in the exported CSV file for the user trades

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that caused a miscalculation of positions data for bybit in certain scenarios.
    • Fixed an issue where stop orders were staying on the chart after they were rejected once triggered.
    • Fixed an issue where users saw duplicate liquidation lines on the chart for Bybit Derivatives.
    • Fixed an issue when the app would crash on the open orders sidebar view while there was an active smart order.
    • Fixed an issue with chart interval inconsistency while browsing from the hotlist.
    • Fixed an issue with the order book data stream for Kraken.
    • Fixed an issue with the weekly and monthly timeframes for Huobi.
    • Fixed an issue with the order cost calculation in the one-way mode for Bybit derivatives.
    • Fixed an issue with unrealized PnL data for Bybit derivatives.
    • Fixed an issue with Binance spot OCO orders due to the changes in the Binance API.
  • 14 September, 2022


    14 September, 2022


    Smart Order for Kraken & ByBit spot

    Starting this update, you can now use the smart orders on Kraken and ByBit spot exchanges and existing support for Binance, Kucoin, and FTX spot exchanges. That makes smart order supported for five spot exchanges now.

    We are now focusing on finishing the testing for smart orders in derivatives exchanges for ByBit, Binance, and FTX. Stay tuned!

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where order markers on the chart remain after the execution is complete of a smart order.
    • Fixed the issue with market buy-side order entry for Bybit spot.
  • 12 September, 2022


    12 September, 2022


    Smart Order for Kucoin & FTX spot

    Starting this update, you can now use the smart orders on Kucoin and FTX spot exchanges in addition to existing support for Binance spot. Once we have the spot exchanges done for the smart orders, we will implement them for supported derivatives exchanges.

    Decommissioned Exchanges

    • Bitfinex
    • Phemex
    • Okcoin

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where in some cases, when TP is executed for smart orders, it was causing a black screen. This was purely a UI issue, and there was no bug on the server side, meaning smart orders were executed as intended.
    • Fixed an issue where the order book for Binance Futures was not streaming consistently.
    • Fixed an issue where the last bid/offer shortcut buttons were not working on the order form.
    • Fixed an issue where older chart layouts were incompatible with the latest chart version resulting in a blank screen while loading the app.
    • Fixed custom URI issue where external apps that provide a link to HT were not working.
    • Fixed blank screen issue for some users.
    • Fixed the issue where some users had issues placing orders on some exchanges.
  • 19 August, 2022


    19 August, 2022


    HyperTrader Marketplace - Enhance your trading experience

    You can purchase additional products and services to enhance your trading experience. Products and services offered through the marketplace are completely optional. HyperTrader as a platform will remain free. HyperTrader partners or third-party developers may also offer their products and services.

    Pro Charts

    Pro Charts takes your trading to the next level. With tools that make your trading simpler and faster, Pro Charts gives you an edge. These tools have been created by professional traders to make your trading experience seamless and better than any other platform.


    • Unlimited chart layouts.
    • Unlimited study templates.
    • Unlimited drawing templates.
    • Ability to see high, low, change, and volume for a trading pair for 1H, 4H, 12H, 24H, 1W, and 1M.
    • Renko charts.
    • Line Break charts.
    • Kagi charts.
    • Point & Figure charts.
    • Compare multiple symbols.
    • 21 multi-chart layouts.
    • Enhanced object tree management.

    HyperCopy - Trade Across Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

    HyperCopy makes it easier to copy your trades in real-time to many accounts while you trade on just one! We do not limit how many groups or accounts you can add. We also do not limit the number of orders you can copy. This plugin is very handy for asset managers who manage their client's portfolios.


    • Create groups of accounts to trade.
    • Copy new orders from the primary account to all secondary accounts in a group.
    • Update prices live for all orders in a group with one click.
    • Delete orders on all accounts in a group with one click.
    • An unlimited number of accounts in a group and unlimited numbers of groups.
    • Can copy orders across accounts only on the same exchange.
    • Adding or removing API accounts will result in pro-rated billing.

    Coinbase Pro Decommissioned

    In light of Coinbase's announcement about ending Coinbase Pro, we are now decommissioning Coinbase Pro from HyperTrader. If you were using Coinbase Pro, all your API keys would be automatically removed from our servers. All relevant data for your API accounts will also be removed. Any API accounts added for other exchanges will not be impacted. You can continue to use HyperTrader with other exchanges that we currently support.


    • 24-hour change percent color is now based on the absolute value.
    • Fixed alignment issue for the volume column in the hotlist.
    • The last used interval will be displayed while adding new tabs.
    • Interval will be shown on the tabs to avoid confusion.
    • The tab and the drop position will be highlighted while dragging and dropping the tabs.
    • Volume column back in the hotlist/favorites section.
    • Added indication marker for active pair selection.
    • The default interval while adding the tab is now 1 hour.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue with price grouping where the application goes black.
    • Fixed issue with redirection to order book after adding tab from the active instrument panel.
    • Fixed hotlist table alignment.
    • Shift up/down key press is back in hotlist/favorites.
    • Hotlist/favorites column resize issue fix.
  • 13 July, 2022


    13 July, 2022


    New Tab Behavior

    We have introduced a more customizable feel to adding tabs. Tabs from now on will not auto-generate but now be driven by user preference. In the new tab window, users can search for the pair they are looking for, filter it by their preferred exchange, and then add their preferred time interval. Users can now also group tabs in preferred trading strategies based on pairs. This limits the time consumption to scroll through the tab bar looking for the pair.


    Left Menu Bar Relocation

    We have moved the left menu bar to the top to optimize screen real estate usage.

    • Option to change the position mode for ByBit.
    • New look and feel for the Favorites & HotList.
    • Increase KuCoin trade history to 1 year.
    • Added support for one-way mode in Bybit

    Bug Fixes

    • ByBit stop trigger issue.
    • ByBit close position opens a new one.
    • Fixed multi-chart issue that was caused by a recent chart upgrade.
    • Fixed issue where smart orders and stop order checkbox are checked together.
    • Fixed Bybit inverse perpetual contract 24 hours volume.
    • Fixed an issue with crypto to fiat conversion that caused USD prices to display incorrectly in the portfolio.
  • 23 June, 2022


    23 June, 2022


    • Volume Profile Fixed Range indicator.
    • Fixed Range Volume Profile drawing tool.
    • Regression Trend drawing tool.
    • Ability to hide legend if Measure Tool is activated.
    • Ability to add MA for RSI.


    • Added an additional smoothing line for some indicators.
    • Added an animated circle/dot on the last bar value for line style charts (line, area, baseline).

    Bug Fixes

    • Updated Williams Alligator Indicator.
    • Incorrect parameter EMEA 5 in indicator GMMA.
    • Fixed issue with market TP modification for smart orders.
    • Fixed issue minimum notional value for smart orders.
  • 17 June, 2022


    17 June, 2022


    Smart Orders

    Starting now, you can put your Take Profit and Stop Loss orders while creating limit buy orders. You can also add multiple take-profit orders for a single limit buy order. There will be only one stop-loss for each limit order. Take-profit orders can be limit or market but stop-loss orders are always going to be market orders.

    Applicable only for Binance Spot. This new feature will be added for other exchanges in coming weeks.

    For questions about smart orders, please come to our discord server.

    Live chat support via app or website will not be able to answer individual queries about new features. Live chat support is strictly used for resolving user account specific issues.

  • 31 May, 2022


    31 May, 2022


    • Performance Improvements.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed user account credit balance view.
  • 24 November, 2021


    24 November, 2021


    With the latest update, HyperTrader is proud to add one of the leading derivatives exchanges β€” FTX Derivatives, and three spot exchanges β€” OKCoin, Phemex & Bitfinex.

    Now trade on HyperTrader with your FTX Derivative account and subaccount all in one place.

    Get access to competitive trading fees and a wide range of coins with FTX while enjoying a seamless trading experience with unique features on the HyperTrader app.

    Happy Trading πŸš€


    • Order modification based on "Total" field.
    • Increased trade history length for ByBit Spot to 1 year.
    • Performance improvements.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed trade history issue for Kraken.
    • Fixed date filter in trade reporting.
    • Fixed Bybit chart issues with timeframes M, W, & D.
  • 24 October, 2021


    24 October, 2021


    HyperTraders can now trade on Huobi, Kraken, & Okex directly from the app.


    Order form redesign

    The long-awaited quantity percentage selector has arrived for derivatives trading. The percentage quantity slider will make it easier for traders to choose the percentage of order amount or quantity from their funds.

    Also, new data set points have been added, traders will see the cost and maximum leveraged position which will help traders to make better decisions.

    Bug Fixes

    • Chart Settings not being saved
    • Fixed issue where some users were getting duplicate tabs.
  • 30 August, 2021


    30 August, 2021


    With our dedicated team for exchange integration, we are now able to roll out new exchanges faster. In this update, you will have five new exchanges - Bitvavo, ByBit Spot, FTX Spot, FTX US Spot, and

    Enable or disable exchanges

    Not everyone trades on all the exchanges we support. Sometimes it is confusing while picking pairs in the hotlist or the pair selector in the chart. To avoid this confusion, we are introducing a new feature where you can choose which exchanges to enable or disable.

    Choosing quantity in quote currency for Futures trading

    We understood the complexity of deciding the quantity while trading the Futures market. We are introducing a new dropdown selection to switch between the base and quote currency. This will make it easier for you to choose the quantity - no more pulling out calculators.


    Easily identify your stops

    Using multiple stop orders was confusing because there was no way to know which stop trigger belongs to what limit order. Now with numbers on stop markers, it is way easier to identify the related stop and limit orders.

    Bug Fixes

    Some folks reported not seeing their ByBit Open Position and incorrect data in the portfolio tab. Not seeing "Open Positions" or having incorrect data is no fun, so this has been fixed. Below are additional fixes:

    1. Squashed the chart candlestick data bug
    2. Fixed sorting in Portfolio tab
    3. Tightened the light bulb to clear out the theme issue between dark and light mode.
  • 10 August, 2021


    10 August, 2021


    Starting this update, you can now trade on

    Please note that new exchange integrations will remain in beta until further announcement. If you find any bugs, please use our bug reporting tool.

  • 9 August, 2021


    9 August, 2021


    • The fills tab will have aggregated and partial fills view, click here

    Bug Fixes

    • Scroll not working on the order form.
    • Ladder end price disappears from the chart when switching pairs.
    • Coinbase Pro market data lag.
    • Added choice of fiat equivalent of the total for Spot based exchanges.
  • 6 August, 2021


    6 August, 2021


    • Enabled KuCoin exchange.
    • Stop-Market enabled for KuCoin.


    • Two additional decimal places are added when manually entering the percentage size on the order form.
    • Maintaining the last state for the troll box.
    • Display new message count when the user has scrolled up in the troll box.

    Bug Fixes

    • Price alerts Hide/Show has been enabled on the status bar.
    • Minor chart data fixed for ByBit.
    • Missing data from the performance chart in the portfolio tab.
    • Minor behavior change for reduce-only market orders in Binance Futures.
    • When modifying reduce-only stop market order for one-way mode.
    • Auto-switching accounts while clicking on fills, open orders & positions.
    • Improved visibility for the right-click context menu on the chart.
    • Number format in portfolio view for European locale.
    • Minor security patch.
    • Able to scroll tabs by clicking on directional arrows. -Global notification settings not remembered.
  • 3 August, 2021


    3 August, 2021


    • 7x in improvement in CPU & memory usage.
    • 5x less network data consumption.
    • Improved API rate limit management.
    • PnL & Trade History Reports available for derivative-based exchanges.
    • New indicator β€” Volume Profile Visible Range.
    • New indicator β€” Price channel.
    • New indicator β€” Guppy multiple moving averages.
    • New drawing tool β€” Highlighter.
    • New drawing tool β€” Path.
    • New drawing tool β€” Price note.
    • New drawing tool β€” Signpost.
    • New resizing options for the box tool.
    • Object tree dedicated view and grouping features.
    • Extend vertical lines through all chart panes.
    • Chart state is maintained while switching between views.
    • Green of MACD Histogram when positive and Red when negative.
    • Quick visibility options for drawings and indicators.
    • Ability to add High/Low Price Labels & Average Close Price Label.
    • Ability to add High/Low Price Line & Average Close Price Line.
    • To switch intervals for hours simply type in 2H or 3H than 240 or 360.
    • Apply templates to all charts in the multi-chart workspace.
    • Ability to change date format in chart settings.
    • Ability to zoom a specific area of the chart by pressing Ctrl or Cmd while zooming.
    • Ability to add a particular indicator to the entire multi-chart workspace.
    • If interval synchronization is enabled for multi-charts, the Date range will now be applied to all charts.
    • Real-time data label on the charts.
    • Color-based on the previous close for volume indicator.
    • New Ladder order type β€” Fibonacci & Inverse Fibonacci.
    • New Ladder order type β€” Value.
    • New Ladder order type β€” Percentage.
    • New Quantity selections for ladder orders β€” Scaled & Inverse Scaled.
    • New keyboard shortcuts, click here.
    • Ability to rearrange tabs with drag and drop function.
    • For hotlist and favorites, the pair is now highlighted when selected.
    • Added % quantity selection in the order form for market orders.
    • Ability to add Last Bid & Ask on Chart.
    • Ability to group order book data. This is stored as a preference per trading pair.
    • Ability to sort order book by cumulative sum & total.
    • Ability to chat (Trollbox) within HyperTrader (In beta).
    • Ability to change the color of multiple drawing tools at once.
    • All dates/times in 24h format.


    • Remove the social media tab on the left menu bar.
    • KuCoin has been removed due to instability on KuCoin's side.
    • Deploying new support chat software. Located on lower right corner status bar.
    • Support icon has been moved from the left toolbar to the right status bar.
    • Improved historical trade fees calculation resulting in more accurate PnL and Breakeven calculations.
    • Trade History is now loaded on demand.
    • We know market insight is important, for now, we have temporarily turned off the crypto screener tab to urgently work on enhancing the date output.
    • Improved rate limit management for Binance Spot API.

    Bug Fixes

    • Drawings from higher resolutions are now displayed on lower resolutions.
    • Drawings now do not disappear after interval switching.
    • The future date is now shown when loading historical data on the charts.
    • Price picker issue fixed for multi-charts.
    • Quantity on OCO draft markers is more accurate.
    • Right-click option on multi-charts for new orders now always picks the correct price.
    • Binance futures: When closing long or short position on hedge mode opens another position rather than closing the position.
    • The issue with spot exchanges where if the stop toggle was on in-limit orders, the market buy/sell button didn't work.
    • Kucoin order size decimal error.
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • 25 March, 2021


    25 March, 2021


    • ByBit integration
    • Cancel buys, Cancel sells, and Cancel All buttons in the Open Orders list.

    Bug Fixes

    • Minor bug fixes and improvements
    • Server timestamp mismatch issue for some users
  • 25 February, 2021


    25 February, 2021


    • Complete rewrite of the Binance connector to improve reliability.
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
    • New app icon
    • 2FA reset option.
    • Ability to disable chart auto-save. Preferences > Chart Preferences > Auto-save.
    • Product guide embedded in the app.
    • Charting for ByBit. Trading coming very soon.
    • Discontinued support for Coinbase Prime and BinanceJE.


    • Only the last 20 tabs will show up. We will increase the limit when we change how tabs are created.
    • Tab button when disabled on the status bar at the bottom, no tabs will be created.
    • When the tab button is disabled, all existing tabs will be closed.
    • Fail-safe to auto recover from broken data connections with exchanges.
    • Kucoin API updates.
    • Minor improvements.

    Bug Fixes

    • Various orders from bug fixes.
    • ETH and RSR pair price edit and cancel order issue.
    • Data feed for Binance USDT COIN.
    • Ticker data for Binance.
    • Notification sound for OCO orders and trades.
    • The lock icon on the order form got stuck when changing tabs.
    • Various minor bug fixes.
  • 30 October, 2020


    30 October, 2020


    • Autofocus amount for a market order.
    • Binance Futures: Retain the state of the reduce-only field in the order form.
    • Reset order form only when an exchange is changed not on trading pair change.
    • Populate ladder start price when the price is selected from the order book.
    • Focus on the quantity field when the limit price is selected for stop-limit order.

    Bug Fixes

    • Set order type to limit when the price is selected from order-book/trades.
  • 28 October, 2020


    28 October, 2020


    • More efficient order entry form for futures trading.
    • Retain order-form state while navigating.
    • Move focus to the next field after selecting the price using the dropper.
    • Warning when limit order may execute at market price.
    • Ability to close a market price position when a reduce-only order is already open.


    • Set the breakeven start date from the chart on crosshair time.

    Bug Fixes

    • Chart flicker issue.
    • Dropper price selection issue.
    • Right-click limit order price issue.
    • Binance Futures: Liquidation price marker align issue.
    • Binance Spot: Open position size NaN issue in reporting.
    • Connection issue with Binance Futures.
    • Portfolio performance not updating.
  • 7 October, 2020


    7 October, 2020


    • Binance Futures - Liquidation price on the chart.
    • Binance Futures - Spinner on market close.
    • Binance Futures - Right-click on the chart to close the position on the Limit price.
    • Binance Futures - Open positions count on the position tab


    • Order count on the Orders tab will show open orders only.

    Bug Fixes

    • Binance Futures - Orderbook update issue.
    • Binance Futures - Reduce only orders shows on the wrong pair.
    • Wallet value copy-paste.
    • Notification clicks to go to the chart.
  • 23 September, 2020


    23 September, 2020


    • Binance Futures: Right-click on the charts to place stop market orders.
    • Portfolio for Binance Futures COIN. Trading coming soon.

    Bug Fixes

    • Drawing disappearing in some scenarios.
    • KuCoin timestamp validation issue with API keys.
    • OCO buys or sells from the right-click menu on the charts.
    • Cancel all buy or sell from the right-click menu on the charts.
  • 22 September, 2020


    22 September, 2020


    • Charting for Binance Futures COIN. Trading is coming soon.

    Bug Fixes

    • Incorrect open order markers on charts.
  • 20 September, 2020


    20 September, 2020


    • Brand new charting integration with TradingView.
    • Upgraded multi-chart features with up to 4 splits and 15 layouts.
    • Better chart performance.


    • Binance Futures: Position data fetch every 5 secs.
    • Binance Futures: Quantity will remain constant while live edit orders from charts. Use / to filter by markets in hotlist and favorites. For example, /BTC will show only BTC markets.

    Bug Fixes

    • Chart drawings after changing intervals.
    • Chart color customization.
    • Binance Futures: Limit price field in positions.
  • 7 September, 2020


    7 September, 2020


    • Total unrealized gains for all open positions for Binance Futures will show next to account balance on the top.
    • 45 minutes time interval for charts.


    • Websocket change complying with the Binance announcement.
    • Binance Futures: The mark price and PnL will update every second instead of every 3 seconds.
    • Binance Futures: PnL markers on the chart will be in front of candles for better visibility.

    Bug Fixes

    • The issue with special characters in study template names.
    • Intermittent issue with chart updates introduced in 2.4.0.
  • 31 August, 2020


    31 August, 2020


    • Close all tabs.
    • Adjust the width of the order book.
    • Adjust the number of levels in the order book.
    • Show hide depth overlay in the order book.
  • 30 August, 2020


    30 August, 2020


    • Show or hide PnL from the status bar.
    • Customization options for PnL marker on charts for Binance Futures
    • Option to one-click close positions at the market price from the charts.
    • Option to hide the amount for open order markers.
    • Option to move open order markers to the left of the charts.


    • The color scheme for PnL markers on Binance Futures.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fallback price stream for Binance Futures to make price updates more reliable.
  • 29 August, 2020


    29 August, 2020


    • Position size and PnL marker on the charts for Binance Futures.

    Bug Fixes

    • The available balance for Binance Futures when there are open positions and open orders at the same time.
  • 26 August, 2020


    26 August, 2020


    • Ability to update the credit card for an existing subscription.
    • Ability to upgrade before the trial ends.

    Bug Fixes

    • KuCoin data fetching issue.
    • The issue with trials for new users.
    • An issue with Binance Futures API.
    • An issue with the available balance for Binance Futures.
  • 17 August, 2020


    17 August, 2020


    • Dark and light theme
    • Portfolio management
    • Asset distribution chart
    • Portfolio performance
    • Multi-account support
    • Charting & Technical Analysis
    • Save-load chart layouts
    • Save-load study templates
    • Limit, Market, Stop Limit, Ladder, OCO order types
    • Trading from charts
    • Open order indicators on charts
    • Fills indicators on charts
    • Breakeven indicator on charts
    • Price alerts from the charts with price alert indicators
    • Modify live orders directly from the charts
    • Favorites and Hotlist
    • Different sounds for a new order, cancel order, trade, and price alert notification
    • Ability to pause notification for a particular exchange account
    • Ability to disable certain notifications
    • Ability to adjust the volume for the notification sounds
    • Custom URIs
    • Quick navigation tabs for switching between trading pairs
    • Split charts up to 4 and load different trading pairs
    • Crypto screener
    • Aggregated news
    • Auto-update with the new version
    • Update channels for beta and experimental versions
    • Reporting: Trade history and PnL analysis
    • GDPR compliance Multi-Factor Authentication

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