Change Log

  • 23 December, 2023

    Bybit Derivatives with Multiple Product Support

    23 December, 2023

    We are thrilled to announce that Bybit Derivatives is now available on HyperTrader.

    We're expanding our derivatives product support to offer you more trading options. You can now trade the following products on Bybit Derivatives using HyperTrader:

    • USDT Perpetual
    • USDC Perpetual
    • USDC Futures
    • Inverse Perpetual
    • Inverse Futures

    Known Issue

    We believe in transparency, and while we're committed to offering you the best trading experience, there's one known issue we want to address. Currently, the liquidation price may not update in real-time. To get the most up-to-date liquidation price, you will need to refresh the app. We consider this a low-priority issue as liquidation prices do not change frequently.

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