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  • 6 June, 2023


    6 June, 2023


    Spot Integration for Kucoin & Bitvavo

    We've made Kucoin & Bitvavo spot integration simpler and more accessible. It comes packed with all the essential features, excluding smart orders and replicator. Don't worry, these advanced functions will be introduced in HT 3.0. For now, you can easily manage any number of accounts and sub-accounts on Kucoin and Bitvavo. It allows you to follow market trends, make trades, and check post-trade reports.

    A heads-up: you might not be able to download all past trades due to restrictions from Kucoin and Bitvavo. These exchanges limit the number of past trades we can retrieve.

    Please note, you can add your own IP if you need to add the IP whitelisting feature. For these two exchanges, we do not provide our own IPs for whitelisting. Our IPs for whitelisting will be available in HT 3.0.

    Effortless Closure of Large Positions on Derivatives Exchanges

    If you've had trouble closing large positions all at once because of exchange-imposed trading rules, we've got a solution. Our automated system now breaks down these enormous positions into manageable chunks. This allows you to close your position smoothly while still securing the best prices during execution. The replicator also supports this feature.

    One-Click Closure of All Positions on Derivatives Exchanges

    Simplify your trading experience with our new feature that lets you flatten all your open positions instantly. It doesn't matter how many accounts or pairs you have; you can close all positions across all accounts and pairs with a single click. If you wish to be more selective, you can use filters to target a specific account or pair. This feature also supports the replicator.

  • 23 March, 2023


    23 March, 2023


    Performance improvements.

    Bug Fixes

    Bug fixes for HyperCopy + Iceberg order for Kraken.

  • 19 March, 2023


    19 March, 2023

    Bug Fixes

    Minor bug fixes.

  • 19 March, 2023


    19 March, 2023

    Bug Fixes

    Minor bug fixes

  • 18 March, 2023


    18 March, 2023


    • Ability to create support tickets from within the app.
    • Smart orders pro

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