Immutable refers to something that is unable to be changed or altered. In the context of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, immutability refers to the inability to change the content of a block or transaction once it has been added to the blockchain.

The immutability of the blockchain is one of its key features, as it ensures that the data on the blockchain is permanent and cannot be altered or tampered with. This is accomplished through the use of cryptographic hashes and other security measures that make it extremely difficult to modify the data on the blockchain.

The immutability of the blockchain has a number of important implications, including the ability to create a secure and trustworthy record of transactions, the ability to enforce contracts and agreements, and the ability to create a tamper-proof audit trail.

Overall, the immutability of the blockchain is an important aspect of its security and reliability, and it is a key factor in its widespread adoption and use in a variety of applications.

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