DeFi Aggregators

What are DeFi Aggregators?

In just a span of one year, we’ve witnessed an exponential rise in the numbers of new platforms and services in the DeFi ecosystem. As the ecosystem is still at a very early age, the innovation is at its peak and it has become increasingly challenging to keep an eye on all those upcoming protocols and services.

Additionally, with all those scattered platforms it becomes tricky to move funds across the platforms and chains with different user interfaces and dashboards. Therefore, the need for a DeFi aggregator emerged to tackle this problem.

DeFi aggregator platforms are simply a one-stop solution to get the best of various platforms in a single dashboard and a simple user interface. Thus allowing users to make the best out of DeFi and get rid of complications.

Now, let’s have a look at the top 5 DeFi aggregators.


Instadapp is one of the well-known Defi aggregator platforms that aggregate all the major DeFi protocols into one single user interface allowing users to manage everything without switching between the protocol websites. Thus opening a new gateway for users to leverage the full potential of decentralized finance.

Instadapp is a 100% trustless system and non-custodial system that allow uses to track and move their crypto assets distributed over various protocols in real-time through a single dashboard. To allow this, Insadapp has integrated a variety of DeFi protocols on their backend and offers a simple front-end for users to experience a seamless DeFi experience for professionals and newbies alike.


Zapper is yet another leading DeFi aggregation platform on the block that interestingly calls itself – “your homepage to DeFi.” Zapper allows users to track all their DeFi portfolios from a single dashboard and participate in open finance to leverage the latest opportunities and make the best out of DeFi.

The platform currently supports 54 DeFi protocols including the likes of Aave, Balancer, Compound, MakerDAO, Uniswap, and many more. The platform boasts over 500k users and more than 4.5 billion worth of crypto assets invested through the platform.


Zerion allows users to explore the entire DeFi market from a single window. It allows users to search, filter, and evaluate almost all of DeFi assets on the market and make an informed decision prior to investing.

The platform also showcases trending tokens, historical returns, and many more analytical cues for users to explore, invest, and manage their crypto assets. Zerion platform also allows users to track and manage their DeFi portfolio in a real-time dashboard with an aggregated view for multiple wallets, transaction history along with advanced metrics.


1inch is a decentralized exchange aggregation platform that connects various DeXes by sourcing liquidity from these exchanges and makes it available for users to swap crypto assets on a single platform. Thus removing the need for users to manually look for better swap rates and low transaction fees across exchanges.

1inch makes it possible for users to leverage decentralized trading of assets in a super-efficient manner.

Plasma Finance

Plasma Finance is a cross-chain DeFi aggregator that goes one step further to aggregate various DeFi protocols distributed across different blockchain networks. It offers a seamless user interface for users to trade and move assets across the blockchain networks, thus reducing redundancies and barriers to participating efficiently in the open finance world.

The platform offers various decentralized instruments such as portfolio management, fiat on/off ramp, liquidity pools, DEX aggregator, lending & borrowing, and cross-chain asset swap all-in-one dashboard.

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