Cross-chain refers to the process of transferring assets or data from one blockchain to another. This can be done using a cross-chain bridge, which is a protocol or software tool that enables the transfer of assets or data between different blockchain networks.

Cross-chain transactions are useful because they allow users to take advantage of the unique features and characteristics of different blockchain networks. For example, a user may want to transfer assets from a blockchain with high transaction fees to a blockchain with lower fees in order to save money. Or, a user may want to take advantage of the faster transaction speeds on one blockchain while still being able to access the assets on another blockchain.

There are several different approaches to cross-chain transactions, including atomic swaps, which allow users to exchange assets directly between two different blockchains, and pegged sidechains, which allow assets to be transferred from one blockchain to another and back again.

Overall, cross-chain transactions are an important development in the blockchain industry, as they enable users to take advantage of the benefits of different blockchain networks and increase the interoperability of different blockchain systems.

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