HyperTrader 3.0: Your Next-Level Crypto Trading Platform

23 November, 2023


When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, having the right tools isn't just a luxury, it's a necessity. That's where HyperTrader 3.0 comes into play, offering a suite of enhancements that cater to traders' evolving needs. Let's explore how HyperTrader 3.0 can make a real difference in your daily trading.

Enhanced Multi-Device Accessibility HyperTrader 3.0 now supports seamless access across various devices and operating systems. With its new web app approach, the platform allows traders to stay connected to the market from anywhere, using the device of their choice, thereby extending accessibility and enhancing user convenience.

Expanded Orderbook Levels The platform now provides an increased granularity with up to 1000 levels in the order book. This in-depth view into market orders offers traders a more comprehensive understanding of market depth and trends, allowing for more precise decision-making and strategy planning.

Seconds-Level Interval for Charts HyperTrader 3.0 introduces second-level intervals for charts, enabling more precise real-time tracking and analysis. This level of detail provides traders with a closer look at market movements and empowers them to make informed decisions with more accurate data.

Unified API for Multiple Exchange Products Efficiency reaches a new peak with the ability to access multiple products from the same exchange using a single API integration. This unified approach streamlines the trading process, reducing complexity, and allowing traders to manage various products with ease.

Adjustable Layouts with Customization The platform's users can now personalize their interface with resizable and adjustable layouts. These customization options provide an enhanced user experience by allowing traders to tailor the trading environment to their preferences, aligning with their unique workflow and needs.

Order Form with Information Retention HyperTrader 3.0's new order form significantly reduces time and enhances user convenience by retaining information while switching order types. This intelligent feature ensures that essential data is preserved, allowing for a smoother transition between different trading strategies.

Separate Tabs for Different Order Types The redesigned order form now includes individual tabs for different order types such as stop market and stop limit. This organized layout streamlines navigation, making the order placement process more intuitive and efficient, thereby facilitating quicker executions.

Retention of Last Used Quantity The platform's capability to retain the last used quantity facilitates quicker closing or additions to open positions. This feature helps improve efficiency by minimizing repetitive tasks and allowing traders to respond to market changes with more agility.

Advanced Encryption for Data Security With upgraded encryption technology, HyperTrader 3.0 ensures enhanced security for data both in-transit and at-rest. This improvement in data protection prioritizes user privacy and security, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information.

Optimized Order Routing Infrastructure The new and improved order routing system in HyperTrader 3.0 minimizes delays and enhances the reliability of order routing. By optimizing the infrastructure, the platform ensures that orders are routed to their destinations swiftly and accurately, contributing to a more reliable trading experience.

Enhanced Multi-Account Support Managing multiple accounts or sub-accounts is more efficient with the platform's improved capability to handle the number of API connections. This enhancement simplifies account management, providing traders with a centralized control point for various accounts, thus promoting better organization and oversight.

Streamlined Single Screen Experience HyperTrader 3.0's improved UI offers a complete single-screen experience, providing all necessary tools for each stage of the trading workflow. By consolidating all essential functions onto one screen, traders can navigate through the various stages of trading more effortlessly, improving both efficiency and productivity.

Robust Reliability for Smart Orders Smart orders have been enhanced to offer better management of automated TP/ SL, further increasing reliability. By improving the reliability of these critical trading functions, HyperTrader 3.0 brings added confidence and precision to automated trading strategies.

Unlimited Multi-Screen Support

HyperTrader 3.0 takes multi-tasking to the next level with support for an unlimited number of computer screens. This feature allows users to effortlessly watch multiple markets and trade on different accounts simultaneously. Whether monitoring various accounts or managing distinct trading strategies, traders can now expand their view across numerous screens. This powerful capability facilitates a more dynamic and responsive trading environment, reflecting the platform's commitment to providing tools to make traders more efficient.

Precise Trading Fee Integration

HyperTrader 3.0 now integrates an API that returns the exact trading fee charged by the exchange per trading pair. This enhancement provides a more accurate foundation for calculations such as breakeven points and estimated fees when placing new orders. By offering real-time insight into the specific costs associated with each trade, this feature allows traders to make more informed decisions and to plan their strategies with a higher degree of precision.

Improved Notification Management

HyperTrader 3.0 introduces in-app notifications, replacing the previous native OS notifications that could be confusing or lost. This new system maintains a history of notifications for future reference, ensuring that users never miss important updates or alerts, and enhancing the overall user experience.

HyperTrader 3.0 isn't just a trading platform; it's your partner in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading. With its user-centric design and advanced features, it's ready to take your trading to the next level. Are you? Get started for free today →

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