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Fastest Trading Experience Ever

Get a blazingly fast terminal to execute trades 5x faster with extremely low latency. Our tools give you the ability to pivot quickly, including executing trades directly on charts.

Trade 5x Faster

When markets move quickly, delays can lead to unexpected losses. HyperTrader is lightening fast and gets your trade done faster than other terminals

Trade on Charts

No more manually entering orders. Use our visual trading tools to input your order directly in the charts. Analyze and execute at the same time.

Quickly Modify Orders

Need to make a quick order modification? Our U/X is built to make that happen fast and at scale. Market trailing is a breeze with HyperTrader.

Get Instant Data

Our connection ensures all data updates are instant - from your portfolio positions to trading prices. No waiting thirty minutes or more for an update.

Simplified Workflows Save Time

Save time with 75% less clicks. Our intuitive platform makes you more productive. Get more done with less screens and simplified workflows.

Automate Risk Management

Be at ease by setting your TP/SL with our Smart Trade technology. It allows you to always be in control of your risk level - even when you are away.

Track Multiple Accounts

Want to manage all your sub accounts across exchanges? Our unified dashboard and tools helps you execute your holistic portfolio strategy with ease.

Enter Bulk Orders

Manually entering multiple orders at different price levels is a waste of time. HyperTrader provides ladder orders so you can put in your bulk orders quickly.

Monitor Multiple Assets

Have a handful of different assets you want to keep an eye on? Our multiple chart view allows you to have a single reference point to monitor.

No More Missed Profits

Be confident that your portfolio, orders, and position data is always up to date. Get instant updates unlike other terminals where there is often a delay.

Get Instant Position Data

Want to know exactly where you stand? HyperTrader updates your entire portfolio instantly so you can make your next move with accurate data.

See Realtime PnL

Want to see whether a trade would put you in the red? Our Automatic Break Even Calculator is always active on charts so you can optimize your strategy.

Access Live Market Data

The markets are always moving. HyperTrader gives you accurate real time market data to help you to make your trades with confidence.

Analyze Your Trades

Want to quickly understand how your portfolio is performing? HyperTrader gives you accurate calculations to give you proper insights into your trades.

What do our users say?


Great customer support I had a problem with order book in terminal, I contacted support through hypertrader app, I was very pleased with support, they fixed problem in less than 36hr and updated app.

Linda Steel

Best tool ever !! Great tool, Super support. Using HT from day one and never needed another tool as this is the best. And it's getting better with with every update. If there is an issue, then it's fixed before you know it. It's stable and runs on all platforms and it's FREE!

Josue Roberto Licea Santiago

Smooth over tools ❤️ Honestly when you look a software you need smoothness . When i found HT I ditched everything else. Now I manage EVERYTHING from 1 place!


The best Trading tool out there If you are looking for a tool to start trading or even if you know how to trade already. HyperTrader is the tool for you. I'm using it now for more than a year and I have not find one better app than HyperTrader. And do you know what even better, its FREE ! for everyone now! ;)

Arthur Clous

I use HT from the beginning and still very happy about the program and the progress Amar and his great team are doing. Keep up the good stuff gents.

Artem Stefan

Great trading platform ( especially for macOS users ) I can't wait smart trade for binance and Bybit futures


The perfect tool for any Trader / Investor This is such a great tool, thankful for Amar and the team. I use HyperTrader everyday for my trading and investing. Excited for what the future will bring! 📈🚀💪🏻

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