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Setting Up 2FA

Two-factor authentication or 2FA is basically providing more than one piece of evidence to authenticate a sign-in. It’s an enhanced security process to make sure no malicious actor can access your account.

We, at HyperTrader, take security seriously therefore we’ve made it mandatory for every user to set up 2FA authentication upon signing up for an account with HyperTrader.

So, here are three simple steps in which you can set up 2FA authentication:


First of all, you need to install either Google Authenticator (iOS / Android) or Authy (iOS / Android) as an authentication app on your smartphone or your desktop.

2.) Setting up the Authentication


Once you’ve downloaded the authentication app, open the app, and scan the barcode shown on your HyperTrader.

For Google Authenticator, tap on the + button on the bottom right of your screen and proceed with “Scan a QR code”. Whereas, for Authy, tap on three dots located in the top right corner of your screen and proceed with “Add Account”.

3.) Enter the 6 Digit Code

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 3.39.56 PM.png

Once you’ve added the HyperTrader account to your authenticator app, all you need to do is to enter the 6-digit code. Also, keep in mind the 6-digit code regenerates every 30 seconds. So make sure to enter the code before it expires.

In case, you need to reset your 2FA, please reach out to our 24/7 live chat support. We’ll be happy to help. Furthermore, we are working on changes that will allow users to safely update their 2FA settings and be able to self-serve the reset.

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